Our Process

In addition to our commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology, QwikSite Inc. is also committed to have all employees return home and safely at the end of the day.  We believe and implement the IIF (Incident & Injury Free) culture and the EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) advanced system and training. Our EHS policies routinely meet or exceed industry standards without fail.  Our in-house instructors and tower training facilities also ensure that our personnel are the most well-prepared to meet your telecommunications needs safely and sufficiently.

We currently employ 45 individuals in the North Georgia area to support our construction, design, warehouse and delivery needs.  Our warehouse facilities are 22,000 square feet and manned by 24/7 logistic personnel, should an event or issue arise.  We also possess a delivery fleet that includes vans, box trucks and semi-trucks.  Our fleet supports delivery of our products nationwide! Along with in house crane, derrick truck, pole trailers, and numerous bucket trucks, our crews stand at the ready for any job to be completed correctly in a timely fashion.