The "Qube" and "Qube Mother Top"

Through the deployment of several thousand small cell nodes in multiple markets over the last several years, Qwiksite Inc. has cataloged and systematically overcome a host of operational shortcomings from the current node housing solutions available. The backbone of the "Qube" lies in it's ability to house any variety of remote radio units from all the main manufacturers while retaining a standard size. Aesthetics are gained with no functionality lost.

Through the knowledge gained in overcoming these obstacles Qwiksite Inc. has designed the decisive solution for the needs of today and tomorrows small cells. The Qube's innovations include increased air flow, frame rigidity, and weight reduction. Full equipment access allows hot swaps and troubleshooting that only impacts the technology in question, resulting in reduced downtime.

Another product that QwikSite Inc. has developed within this product line is the "Qube Mother Top." This innovative solution is pole top attached antenna mount capable of housing up to 3 carriers of 5G, CBRS/LAA panel antennea, and a pseudi-omni 4G antenna simultaneously. All the technologies required in the coming "Smart City" setup all contained in one package.

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